Dear Diary.

Welcome to my story.
My thoughts, fears, quirks, and tips.
Welcome to ME.

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Dear Diary #5

So today my husband told me I need to be more open with people. Apparently I’ve become too closed off. I look him in the eyes and said “Why would I be open with people after we’ve seen how they treat me when I am open and honest?” I get told I’m “crazy”. My “friends”Continue reading “Dear Diary #5”

Dear Diary #4

Another venting session coming at you!!! You know I had kinda planned on telling stories about my life and explaining my experiences buuuuut I think this blog may end up just being me bitching about my life 😂😂😬😬 I’m kind of at a loss as to who I can talk to which is kind ofContinue reading “Dear Diary #4”

Dear Diary #3.5

Helllloooo!! Are you ready!? Let’s talk birth. ⚠️Warning I’m gonna tell you EVERYTHING ⚠️ Okay let’s start Wednesday June 17 2020. I woke up around 6 because I SERIOUSLY needed to pee. When I wiped I noticed a large amount of discharge (🤮sorry I hate that word too). I realized my mucus plug finally cameContinue reading “Dear Diary #3.5”

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