Dear Diary #1

Helllooo! Welcome to my Life.

Okay so time introduce myself! I’m Amika. I’m a 24 year old wife to an amazing man named Joe, together we have a BEAUTIFUL 3.5 month old little girl named Oswin. We also have a almost 7 year old male black lab named Sherlock and a crazy orange little boy cat named Weasley. We live in the wonderful PNW! I (thanks to my amazing husband) get to be a stay at home momma. You’ll continue to get to know me through my posts.

As I’m typing this I have Grey’s Anatomy on as background noise and my little one is on my lap currently working on a poo. 😂 …. whoops nvm. She got grumpy all of a sudden and now she’s in her swing just chillin 😂

I want this blog to be a real as possible while also being family friendly. Thankfully I’m typing so I don’t really need to worry about any curse word slip ups. Maybe I can put a little warning at the top just to warn sensitive groups if a post might trigger someone.

I’m really hoping the letters instead of names won’t get too confusing. I am very excited to start writing. I’ll try to write everyday even if it’s just random thoughts that came into my head throughout the day. I can’t wait to look back and read all these posts to Oswin and all my future babies!

Can’t wait to see you all soon!


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